Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Basmallah untuk urusan rizki yang tidak disangka datangnya

Basmallah buat urusan rizki yang tidak disangka datangnya
Yaitu "Bismillahirrahmanirrahim " dibaca 300 kali
lalu membaca
" allahumma sholli ala sayyidina muhammadin sholatan tuwassiu bihaa alainaa alarzaaq watukhassinu bihaa lanaalakhlaaq wa alaa aalihii washohbihii wasallim_ dibaca 300 kali
Semua yang diatas itu dibaca ketika matahari akan terbit, ingsya allah dagangan menjadi laris,yang di anggab tidak laku menjadi laku,Rizki yang tidak disangka datang sendiri dan yang memberi Allah SWT sendiri .
dari : Syaikh Ahmad ibn Ali.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Mengerti Bacaan Sholat

Mengerti Bacaan  Sholat
Bacaan dan doa-doa dalam sahalat perlu diketahui artinya yang perlu diingat-ingat dalam hati ketika bershalat.Adapun yang memperkuat pentingnya mengerti bacaan dan arti doa doa dalam shalat yaitu berdasar hadis
"jika seorang diantaramu mengantuk ketika bershalat maka tidurlah hingga ia mengetahui apa yang dibacanya .(HR.Bukhari )
denagan mengerti arti bacaan-bacaan yang sedang dibaca pada waktu shalat akan dapat menimbulkan konsentrasi pikran (khusuk) terhadap Allah serta menghilangkan pikiran jadi melayng pada waktu shalat.


Tuesday, 9 October 2012

An easy way to Many Visitors

An easy way to Many Visitors
Blog many visitors would be the hope of all bloggers, no matter what the orientation is concerned to create a blog, especially if for the purpose of online business. Although there are hundreds of millions of blogs, not all visitors. Not a few were diligent in updating the blog article, has long been made, but only visited by 5-10 visitors per day. Blog is an information container media. But, we should be able to make such information can be found by the information seekers by introducing us to their blog. Either through search engines, social networks, submit to web directories or social bookmarking.
Many ways to introduce to the readers of our blog or information seekers. Starting from a simple to a ready means spend most of your time. Each strategy can also bear different results. Referring to a number of conditions blog optimization results are sometimes not always the same despite using the same method. Any strategy that we use nothing but my goal is to get visitors. Most of us would already have a blog with total visitor a lot, and some are probably still in the development stage. The question that might arise your minds, what is actually the easiest way to bring visitors?
The easiest way to get thousands of real visitors by providing unique articles. What is unique article? Unique article is an article that is quite different from articles in other blogs. This method is the most powerful way to get thousands of visitors. SEO is one of the most important aspects of optimization, but SEO emplementation without support articles also can not bear the most. In fact, without any SEO you are still likely to get more visitors if you can make your articles really unique. Lies the difficulty in fact it is in it's own unique article. With so many bloggers are not easy to make an article that is truly unique. This PR is our true if you want to get thousands of visitors a more convenient way, namely by posting unique articles.
7 Ways to Easily Gets Visitors
Who does not want a high traffic blog visitors? writings on reading many people? and useful articles are distributed to others? would be very-very want that right?. Moreover, for a blogger, must have high visitor traffic into the dream of most bloggers.
There are many ways in which to build a high traffic, one of which is with SEO techniques. SEO Techniques himself was there pretty much all, as we have to find a suitable keyword for the blog, put a few words to meta tags, image optimization, and so forth.
Well if you do not quite understand about SEO or do not even care about you still can get it cheap SEO traffic visitors are many and abundant. The trick is very easy, no need to change the blog template, install the code and know about other programming languages. Beginners can perform this technique. Okay, now you look cross-eyed technique to get more visitors.
1. Content is The Real KING
Content.yes true, write articles and useful content for your loyal readers, it will initially be a bit difficult to write good articles and good, but along with the number you wrote on the blog, it's not a big deal. Balance the number of frequency of articles on your blog. Post the at least one article a day to your readers while visiting your blog again did not get bored and always find something new.
2. Commenting
If you read my post about SEO, it will definitely find a lot of the word "comments". True, this is the most powerful, easy, inexpensive in attracting readers. commen on a blog that has a quality ranking, traffic and the article above you. That way you will get the impact.
3. Become a Guest Author In Blog Uncategorized Same
Being a guest writer can build visitor traffic. Especially if you're a writer living in accordance with the theme of the blog that you have. That's even better. For example like this, you're running a blog about the world of computers, then you have to find a blog with the same type as you, then you sign up to be a guest writer on the blog. In addition to building visitor traffic, a guest writer can improve PageRank !
4. Social Bookmarks (Social Bookmarks)
Using social bookmark sites on the blog will also increase traffic quickly loh. Okay, I'll explain a bit about social bookmarking. Social Bookmark is a kind of service free submit url is used to increase the number of visitors. Social bookmarking sites there are so many, thousands from around the world. An example is the famous social bookmarking Digg, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Reddit and others. And the example of Indonesia is a social bookmarking lintas.me.
In addition to increasing the number of visitors, the function of the social bookmark site is to help speed up google indexing your blog. So the more you blog in social bookmarking are, the greater the visitor traffic that you can get.
5. Promotion on Facebook and Twitter
As the two social networking world are booming, facebook and twitter are the most appropriate media to promote your blog and fitting. Imagine that facebook users with nearly 1 billion as well as the hundreds of millions of twitter users that exist throughout the world. Start a campaign with your own facebook friends, or with your twitter followers. For twitter, indeed for the followernya still be a little bit of trouble in the promotion, but over time, as the good quality of your blog, then people would immediately memfollow blog.
6. Question to Readers
Can be described as a "request" article. For the occasional reader you can ask what you want in the cover article of the writer. Usually the reader is asking about an interesting article and yet they know too. It is also beneficial to maintain good relations with the admin of visitors. If the admin meet the demand of the reader, then the reader will be hooked to back and back again to visit the blog admin.
And it is not likely the reader will recommend to other readers that your blog is managed by the admin, very friendly and great for active admin to readers.
7. Active in Forum
Well I'll see you again with this. Active in the forum is also important to build traffic visitors loh! Okay if you're not the people who are too active on forums sorts kaskus, indowebster, etc.. But you can also use an existing forum on face book. Or rather facebook groups. Join a group on facebook about the kind of blogger and active as well as begin to share articles, blog promotion, answering questions and so forth.
Those are some tips and tricks that you can do to build traffic visitors. No need SEO expert to do the above, all you can do if you have the will. Remember, the important thing is the willingness rather than ability, if you have the ability without any result will be zero willingness great. But if the willingness to build a blog there, God willing, the ability will come by itself according to the number of hours flown in the blogosphere....